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How to Write a Great Call-to-Action

Enjoy this guest post by Savannah Mariea writer and online marketing enthusiast. She is the editor of her blog, Mixios, which focuses on online marketing, social media, and business. 

Find Out How to Write a Great Call to Action

You write blogs, post updates and present new content ideas, but no one’s responding. You get visitors, but no one clicks the links or shares your posts. What can you do to increase conversion rates and build a following?

A great call to action is the key to higher conversions. Keep reading to learn more.

A call to action is an invitation to further engage with your business or website. While it’s always framed as an offer, it’s actually more like a quid pro quo in which you’re saying, “I have something of value for you, but you have to do this to get it.”

The examples of CTAs are endless:

  • Click here to take advantage of this great offer
  • Download this white paper to learn more
  • Apply now for this valuable service
  • Share this post with your friends
  • Let us know what you think

Numerous websites have seen significant increases in conversions with the right CTA. If you’re looking for better results from your content, follow these rules for creating a great call to action.

Match the Language to the Goal

Ultimately, marketing is about generating higher sales and revenue, but not all marketing campaigns are created with that goal in mind. To make your CTAs more effective, gear them to the short-term goal, not the end game.

If your immediate goal is deeper engagement, make a call to leave a comment or share content, not one about higher savings. Save premium content and “follow us on Twitter” CTAs for lead generation campaigns. When you understand your relationship to your audience, you create more resonant, more effective calls to action.

Use your specific niche to create CTAs. 12 Palms is a rehab facility that uses CTAs like “In crisis?” and “Get help now” with their number and link to contact page. They are aware of their visitor demographic and use this information when creating CTAs and generating leads.

Make it Clear

Look at the calls to action listed above. They’re not subtle – they give the reader an explicit instruction. Your content might bring in traffic, but many of those readers have no idea where to go from there. Write a call to action that gives them a clear path.

A link saying “you could save more money” or “weight loss tips” might pique the reader’s interest, but interest doesn’t always lead to action. You’ll get a better response if you turn those phrases into commands. “Start saving now” and “Find out how to lose weight” correspond to what the reader wants to do, and it tells them how to do it.

Talk About the Benefits

A call to action tells your audience what you want them to do. Before they respond, however, they have to know why they’re doing it. You’ll get higher conversions if your CTA incudes a little detail about what’s in it for the clicker.

Let’s say you want people to sign up for your newsletter. What do they get if they “click here” or “sign up”? They need to know before they respond, so tell them. Replace or supplement a generic CTA with “get the latest news” or “take advantage of this exclusive offer.” By offering something people want, you’ll generate more interest – and more clicks.

Make It Noticeable

A great call to action doesn’t have much value if no one can see it. No one is going to pay attention to a link hidden in the middle of the text or an ad buried amid other ads. Increase conversions my making your CTA a primary focal point on the page.

Your call to action button can be any color, shape or size – test repeatedly to find the best possible combination. Whatever format you choose, make sure your CTA sticks out. Place it in the upper fold away from other text or graphics, and highlight it by placing it in a text box with contrasting colors.

A great call to action results in deeper engagement, more leads, and higher sales. See for yourself – follow these rules today!