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There are thousands of marketing firms that cater to businesses small and large. However, every firm has a core set of differentiating strengths that fit some prospective clients to a “T”.  Here are the reasons why The Search Marketer may be right for you.

Why Us?

  • Our singular focus is ROI (Return On Investment.) That is why we believe in the value of user testing, and focusing on what brings our clients the best value for every dollar. We don’t throw strategies and tactics your way in a haphazard manner. What we recommend is solidly grounded in the vision of getting each client the most benefit to impact their bottom line most efficiently.
  • We are a boutique firm. That means you get individual, personal attention from Namita, and benefit from her expertise. You will never be handed off to a remote Account Manager.
  • Namita’s extensive marketing and market research experience with large consumer packaged goods manufacturers and ad agencies enable her to apply well-tested big-brand principles to help small businesses succeed online.
  • Namita brings a unique perspective to the table by marrying her marketing research and offline marketing skills with Internet marketing capabilities to offer small businesses a cohesive approach to their marketing strategies. We don’t work in a vacuum. Our marketing solutions are crafted holistically, and ensure adherence to an overarching strategy and continuity in tactics across platforms.
  • We never offer a “one-size-fits-all” remedy. Every business and client is unique, and so are our solutions.
  • We engage in strictly “white hat” SEO practices. We ensure that your website will never be banned by search engines.