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What Facebook Hashtags Mean for Internet Marketers

 This article, the next in a series on content marketing, is a guest post by blogger Alicia Lawrence at MarComLand. Enjoy the read!

What Facebook Hashtags Mean for Internet Marketers

Now that Facebook has officially launched its use of hashtags, it’s time for Internet marketers to think about how they’re going to make the most of it. The good news is that people who use Twitter are already used to hashtags and will be comfortable using them to search for content on Facebook, too.

The downside is that Facebook has a much larger audience than Twitter and most people who use only Facebook will not know how useful hashtags can be. They’ll catch on, though, as they see their friends using them. The good news is that now is the perfect time to nail down your strategy for using hashtags since they’re not widely used yet.

Track Talk About Brand

As with Twitter, Facebook hashtags can be used for tracking what is being said about your brand. Hashtags group conversations on the same topic together. If Pepsi, for example, wanted to track what was being said about its brand, its employees would only need to type #Pepsi into the search to find the public conversations about their products.

Note the “public” part of that statement. Most profiles are private — at least to a point. This means that, even for those users who utilize hashtags, they’ll only be visible to their friends. There’s a good chance that people will begin making their status updates public, though, to make use of the hashtag feature.

Hashtags for Promotions

Not only are hashtags used to track the conversations about brands, but they can also be used to track promotional efforts. If you sell tanning lotion, for example, you could ask your fans to use the hashtag #sunkissed and post pictures of themselves getting some sun. You could select winners to give prizes to based on the best picture or a random drawing from someone who has used the hashtag. It’s a great way to see how the news about your promotion is spreading. It’s also an excellent way to cross-promote on platforms.

Reach More People

Because Facebook is more popular than Twitter, you have the potential to reach a wider audience through the Facebook platform. It will be easier than ever for fans to find your Facebook page, especially if the name of your business is not really indicative of what your business does.

Someone searching for glue traps may not know that a company called “Mouse Away” sells them, unless you use the appropriate hashtag. Users will not only search for brands, but they’ll search for their interests as well. This is where hashtags can become really useful — using them to tell what you do rather than just who you are.

With these tips for using Facebook hashtags for your Internet marketing efforts, you can jump right in to the use of this new marketing tool.