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Unique Marketing Techniques to Help Build Engagement with Customers

This is a guest post by Ali Lawrence. Ali is an earned media specialist for a marketing agency and blogs about online PR in her free time. Follow her on Twitter: @Ali_MarCom.

Unique Marketing Techniques to Help Build Engagement with Customers

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been in the business; marketing is not easy. The business world is always changing and evolving, and worse yet it’s never quite stable; however, that doesn’t really stop anyone.

There are so many internet marketing companies out there; the market is undoubtedly saturated. In addition, marketing advice is not difficult to find. Blogs or online publications are always discussing the most common marketing techniques like using social media, beefing up content and more. The problem is you can only follow the same advice so many times before the well has dried up and you’re back – looking for more unique ways to improve your marketing game.

To help out, we’re going to discuss some alternative strategies and methods which should help improve your online presence, conversion rating and overall authority.


Everything is digital these days, and rightfully so considering we all carry powerful computers in our pocket. Of course, there are also tablets which are ideal for reading digital books, comics and online content.

Most marketers don’t realize that e-books are very powerful authority tools for business and they are very search engine friendly. Then again, they can end up being a sizeable investment if you have to outsource the writing. Producing an e-book always requires a heck of a lot more content than a daily blog post too. However, if done right, they can be extremely efficient tools for any company or brand.

Why not try taking a topic specific to your industry, business or product and exploring it further through an exclusive e-book?

Industry-Wide Marketing and Outreach

Consumers are much smarter than they are often given credit for. The convenience of the internet has only made them that much smarter. In a matter of seconds people can become knowledgeable on any topic, business or product.

The idea behind this strategy is not just to target a niche, but an entire industry, that way when a customer searches for something like local realtors your brand and business is one of the first results to show up. In order to do that you need to constructively market across multiple platforms and industry channels. You can reach out through blogs, LinkedIn content, forums, press releases, social media, and more. Spread your name far and wide by engaging with the community as much as you possibly can.

More Personal Email Marketing

You probably send out hundreds – if not thousands – of generic content and newsletters through email. Instead of blindly sending out blanket emails, take some time to customize the more important ones. The best part is that you can enlist the help of powerful marketing tools, so you don’t actually have to sort through every email in order to customize them. The personalization doesn’t have to be elaborate either. It can be as simple as dear [customer name here], to something more advanced like targeted product recommendations based on browsing history – although the latter option would take quite a bit of work.

It may seem like all the effort required to launch a serious email campaign is hardly worth it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as statistics show it’s more likely you’ll see higher email-based conversions than you do through social media.

Seek Professional Help

We can’t all be marketing experts. Small business owners often have a very difficult time marketing their brand. Don’t get discouraged, because there are plenty of tools and agencies out there that can offer valuable assistance.

If you need it, seek out professional help from established players that are already invested heavily in the industry. A great example of this is MenuDrive which was designed to aid restaurants and food chains. The aforementioned platform offers a whole slew of analytics tools, automated marketing help, a mobile ordering system and much more. In other words, it’s a comprehensive marketing tool for restaurant owners and businesses in the food industry.

There are plenty of other marketing professionals that are willing to help. If you think you would benefit from one of these platforms, then it won’t hurt to look – or give one a try. Don’t be afraid of the cost either. Successful marketing will always bring in more business, and that means more profit.

Make Everything Visual

Infographics are great, but they usually target the business side of an industry much more than the customers themselves. You can boost conversion rates by simply implementing attractive visuals in your campaign. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing your images on your blog, social media profiles, web forums or elsewhere – just make sure they are visually stimulating before you do it.

One of the easiest ways to create a visual representation is to take a quote or numeric stat and overlay it on a related image. The image itself grabs the attention of the customer, in turn allowing them to take in the message or statistic. Your message can be infinitely more powerful depending on what image you decide to use.

Build Interaction

This method includes a lot of different scenarios but the driving idea behind it is that you remain focused on garnering interaction from your customers and audience. Some of the more common ways to build interaction are to launch contests, fundraisers, local events and more. This could even include sponsoring local sports events, or community groups. You don’t always need to be marketing directly in order to build engagement for your brand. Sometimes, just getting your name and logo out in the wild is enough. Of course, you should never rely on this method all by its lonesome – but hopefully you know that already, which brings us to our final point.

Don’t Settle for One

Don’t settle for just one of these ideas; use them all. Furthermore, think outside the box and come up with your own marketing strategies. Don’t be afraid to be different or unique. After all, that’s exactly what will set you apart from the competition – use it to your advantage.