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The Importance and Visual Appeal of Infographics

This article is a guest post by blogger Alicia Lawrence at MarComLand. Enjoy the read!

 Infographics are actually much older than the Internet. Marketers used this form of conveying information quickly for decades. Infographics are now a widely popular method of sharing information and research in a visual way. Designers accomplish this by using color, graphics and typography in a way to make the material more easily understood. Because most people learn better visually, illustrated data increases comprehension of the material.


What Are Infographics?

 When people first hear the term infographic, they often think of pie charts and bar graphs, but those are only part of the story. Infographics represent a union of design elements and information. The combination of imagery and information makes it more appealing and more effective than text alone.

 Infographics range from the fairly simple to extremely complex. Creating one from scratch can be daunting. Before any graphics can be made, hours of research and planning must first be done to get the facts in order and to narrow down the material. Then, you must plan how to arrange it all in reference to illustrations and other graphic materials.

How to Create an Infographic

 Services like and make it easy to create infographics efficiently and affordably. To create your own infographic, start with a complicated idea that you want to simplify for the general public or people within your industry.

 After you’ve selected your idea, break it down into simple, factual terms. Present one idea at a time. You’ll use some sort of graphic element to further explain and/or separate factual ideas. Once your infographic is complete, share it everywhere.

How Do Infographics Help With SEO?

 Google is successful because people want the most relevant information, quickly. Someone who searches for Xtrema Cookware wants to see relevant results at the top of the page. Search engine rankings fluctuate often based on ranking algorithms, but one important element of ranking is quality backlinks. These help the search engines decide which sites are more important because the more other sites and users reference a page, image or site, the more useful it must be.

 Infographics are one of the most effective ways to get backlinks both from other websites and from social media users. People share useful infographics thousands of times over, resulting in large numbers of backlinks to the original source.

 Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit provide platforms for allowing infographics to not only spread among like-minded people, but to become viral. This makes infographics a highly effective marketing tool for any business or industry.