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Our clients have plenty of kind words to say about us. Here’s the unadulterated, straight-from-the-source scoop.

(Perhaps you’d like to join them in praise of us — work with us and we’ll give you the opportunity, we promise!)

Eric Adler, President, Entrusted Services:

“Namita gets results.  She is very customer-centric, and always focused on the impact of her strategies. She has the amazing skill of being able to listen to her clients’ needs, evaluate what is important, create a plan of action, and execute it. It nice to work with someone who is effective, and passionate about the practice of her craft.”

Robbie Seeley, Owner/Guitarist, Guitar Lessons Santa Barbara:

“Namita has really helped my small business.  She broke down piece by piece what steps I needed to take to improve my guitar teaching business.  She explained the design of successful websites and gave me specific ideas on how to improve my own website.  Ideas on both how to improve the site’s appearence and funtion as well as how to get more exposure and higher search ranking.  She has a lot of knowledge about marketing and comes up with ideas based on proven strategy and statistical analysis.  Aside from the website review, she provided a detailed list of action steps for me to take with both short term goals and long term goals in mind.  She was able to answer all my questions. The service she provided has taken my business to the next level.”

Karri Simmons, Owner/Designer, Nice Design:

“Namita and I worked very closely on several marketing initiatives. She proved herself to be highly capable on all aspects of marketing. She is skilled, knowledgeable, articulate, committed, and a terrific team player and leader who wins over others with her visionary approach, outgoing personality and persuasive abilities. It is a testament to Namita’s character and capabilities that we continue to work together and be close friends. We have worked together recently on my new venture with her handling voiceovers for an educational DVD series, website planning/design and SEO – again bringing enthusiasm, dedication and talent to everything she does.”