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Mary Meeker’s Internet Report Lessons

This is a guest post by Ali Lawrence. Ali is an earned media specialist for a marketing agency and blogs about online PR in her free time. Follow her on Twitter: @Ali_MarCom.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Report Lessons

For the past 13 years, Mary Meeker has produced annual reports that share important information relating to the state of the Internet, social trends and mobile movements. Because of a rich history of accuracy, the trends and statistics found in the report should be taken seriously. Just recently, 2014’s report was released.

As a marketer, how does the 2014 Internet Trends report authored by Mary Meeker and released by KPMG pertain to you? What lessons should you take away from it? Check out some of the most important factors below.

The Internet Trifecta is Critical

2014’s report addresses the Internet Trifecta as a simple equation: Internet Trifecta = Content + Community + Commerce. What it represents is more than a fun math problem; it’s something that should be at the center of all online marketing efforts.

Content matters, it increases digital presences and allow brands to become trusted sources of authority. It’s balanced out by active, engaged communities and a booming online presence. You can’t have one without the other and if one part of the equation is missing, a marketing effort will fall short due to being incomplete. Your marketing strategy should address all three aspects of the trifecta. Create content that is easy to digest, relevant to your target market and likely to be shared. An oil investment firm could release information relating to oil scams that would be helpful to their target market, discuss content on social media channels to increase engagement and direct all readers back to a sales page or lead form to complete the trifecta. Marketing is no longer a one-channel initiative; each piece must work together for success.

Mobile Matters and Will Continue to Grow

It’s no secret that the world has gone mobile. Marketers have been aware of this fact for some time; however, few have taken action and even fewer have been effective. This is troublesome since the trend is predicted to continue to grow in the future – that’s right, we’re not done yet. Check out the graph below for a more detailed perspective:

Currently, 30 percent of online users access the Internet through a mobile device, and this is just the beginning. To use this trend in your marketing plan or strategy, think about your current online presence. Can your site be used – in all aspects, from information finding to actual purchases or form submissions – by mobile users? Is it slower? Are there missing pieces? If mobile users cannot access your brand without frustration, they’ll move on.

Take the time to evaluate your mobile effectiveness. Test it. Ask questions and think of ways to improve. The time to optimize is now.

Text-Based Content is No Longer Enough

In the past, a company with a blog or social media account that shared regular, text-based updates was often viewed as progressive. Not so much anymore.

According to the report, video and image sharing is running rampant. Sites that feature these forms of content are growing more rapidly than ever before. Content that can be digested on the run and shared quickly is critical for success.

As a marketer, this means creating content that’s more visual – videos, photos, memes, infographics and more – is important. Content of this nature is more likely to be mobile friendly, prominently displayed in social media feeds and comprehended by your target market.

This is just a glimpse at this year’s report. However, the lessons are critical for creating successful marketing strategies for 2014 and beyond. Pay attention to the areas of focus above, and check out the rest of the report to learn more.