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Are Your Marketing Efforts Benefitting Your Brand?

This is another guest post by Savannah Marie, a writer and online marketing enthusiast. She is the editor of her blog, Mixios, which focuses on online marketing, social media, and business. 

No matter how great or innovative the initial idea, positive brand recognition does not occur without effective marketing. A great reputation is not born with a good idea; that good idea needs to be executed well first, along with precise promotion, to result in a great reputation. Some highly flawed brands have great reputations due to phenomenal marketing efforts, while other brands built from fantastic ideas suffer in obscurity due to a poor marketing plan.

Molding a positive public perception of your brand is largely dependent on your marketing efforts. By following the steps below, you can start elevating your brand into a steadier and more positive light.

Recognize Your Potential Audience

The key word here is “potential audience,” as many brands falter by exclusively focusing on audiences on opposite ends of the spectrum; they either target an overly obvious niche or gravitate toward a disinterested niche due to topical irrelevancy. Sure, if you just opened a new organic gardening supplies company, then it is practical to target farmers and Home Depot visitors. But you can only go so far in targeting the same audience as your competitors.

While still tending to this obvious niche, focus on more out-of-the-box prospects. For your new garden supply store, considering implementing features like hot-to webinars for homeowners. This way you can target a whole new audience in homeowners, who may speak positively about your brand. Reach out to unconventional yet relevant niches, and your brand will be rewarded.

Wear Passion and Ambition on Your Sleeve

Many consumers perceive brands as lifeless reflections of corporations, largely due to their bland and unadventurous marketing. By showcasing your brand as something created and maintained by real, passionate people, as opposed to corporate drones, you can help separate your brand from competitors who rely too much on well-known marketing techniques. Passion can have a hugely beneficial impact on your business.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wore their passions for computing and technology on their sleeves, so consumers had very little reason not to trust products deriving from their expertise. Surely if either of the tech giants came across as impassive or nonchalant in regard to their industry, their companies would not have made such a mark.

Consider Alternatives to the Hard Sell

You’re likely accustomed to brands that take an infomercial-like route in pushing the product hard, either via a flashing “discounted price” or an over-animated voice-over explaining the usefulness of a product. While some brands are gimmicky enough to rely on this, brands with more innovation and long-term potential must rely on other methods than the hard sell. Seek out consumers who have an evident need that your brand can alleviate. There is nothing wrong with being specific, especially if you are a specific business, like a construction law firm.

Your brand should seek to fill a void in someone’s life, not as something that is only being bought because its price tag is cheaper than expected. Customer incentives, newsletters and other perks are great ways to attract and maintain customers without shoving your brand and pricing details down their throats.

So What Happens If I Do All This?

There is no fix-all solution to better your brand via marketing efforts. But by targeting both general and unique audiences, infusing passion into your marketing approach and considering alternatives to the conventional hard sell, your brand will stand apart from its competitors. The actual strategies for accomplishing these tips vary depending on your brand and targeted niche, though by analyzing the success of various strategies within these specifications, brand owners will emerge with a clear marketing strategy uniquely tailored to the long-term success of their brand.