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Link building strategies Posted by Ken McGaffin on 20 June 2011
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Professional SEOs will tell you that different types of sites require different approaches to link building. Tailor your link building – and you’ll increase your chances of getting a link.

In the Link Builder tool, we’ve already filtered your prospects and organized them into strategies so you can tailor your link building – and increase your chances of getting a link.

Here is a list of the articles we’ve featured, based on these strategies, that will help you on your way to create effective, traffic-attracting link building campaigns:


blog pic

Blogs are written by a wide range of people including enthusiastic hobbyists, company CEOs, industry experts and well-known journalists.

These link giving heroes all require a personal approach for example with comments, interviews, reviews and guest posting.

How to be a successful guest blogger

Ann Smarty talks guest blogging (the only link building technique she uses)

How a Link Building Hero uses a blog to build links, make a living and take lots of holidays

News media

news media pic

News media sites range from huge nationals like to The Costal Angler Magazine and anything in between.

All these news media sites (including the likes of The Washington Post, BBC and The New York Times) need people just like you to give them stories. Learn how to tell them yours with Link Builder.

Drive sales and links for SEO through online PR

Is online PR the ultimate link building technique

Social media

social media pic

Social media sites include the big guns like Twitter and Facebook as well as much smaller community sites highlighting discussions, comments and debates on news stories, products and companies.

They are the quick, easy way to make friends, win links and influence people (thank you Dale).

Twitter your business

How to Twitter

How to win friends and influence people with social media networking

What the hell does social media marketing think it is?

Job sites

Jobs sites

Job sites promote or comment upon careers, jobs and internships.

Have you even thought about getting links from job sites? No? Well neither have your competitors. The jobs you offer, your experiences as a boss or an employee can all be made link worthy.

Link building jobs strategy



Directories and listing sites offer immediate, simple opportunities for links.

These are simple links to get but don’t overdo them. Learn how to write short, benefit-driven descriptions of your business and get yourself listed.

The 11 easiest links you’ll ever get

Shopping sites

Shopping cart

Shopping sites include those writing, advising and commenting on products and the companies that produce them.

Link Builder will give you a myriad of ways to get links from small niches you never knew existed.

Links from shopping sites

Trusted sites


Trusted sites have domain names with endings like .gov, .edu and .org. By their nature they are likely to rank well on Google or provide powerful links.

Sound difficult to get? We’ll show you how others have done it. (Discounts for government employees, anyone?)

Links from trusted sites

Business sites


Business sites include those published by trade associations, business groups (local and national), events and awards.

Link Builder strategies: Business

Getting to know your online community

Of course you can contact these websites online. But you can also use a technique older than the internet – as Larry Chase advised me early in my career: “Ken,” he said, “build links offline”.

Already linking

Sites which already link to your site.

Trade association

Link building is about building relationships. And the daftest thing you can do is stop once you’ve got a link. So pay attention to people who already link to you and see what else you can do together.

Imported links are those you’ve imported with Link Builder’s browser extension when surfing the web.

Studying your marketplace online, your competitors and their inbound links, will always reveal new strategies and opportunities.

8 questions to ask of sites that already link to you

How to count your site’s inbound links

Co-linking sites

Co-linking rings

Co-linking sites are those within a Link Builder campaign that link to two or more of the sites used as sources for that campaign.

This includes some of the low hanging fruit of the link building world. Here you’ll find prospects that link to multiple sites in your market so getting them to link to you should be easy.

About Ken McGaffin

Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer at Wordtracker. He is an experienced internet marketing consultant and has worked for major pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, government bodies and non-profit organizations.

Ken unveils the secrets of successful link building in his 135-page e-book, Wordtracker Masterclass: Link Building. He also regularly presents extremely popular (and free) Link Building Webinars

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