Are Your Marketing Efforts Benefitting Your Brand?

No matter how great or innovative the initial idea, positive brand recognition does not occur without effective marketing. A great reputation is not born with a good idea; that good idea needs to be executed well first, along with precise promotion, to result in a great reputation. Some highly flawed brands have great reputations due to phenomenal marketing efforts, while other brands built from fantastic ideas suffer in obscurity due to a poor marketing plan.

Molding a positive public perception of your brand is largely dependent on your marketing efforts. By following the steps below, you can start elevating your brand into a steadier and more positive light.

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5 Tips on How Web Designers Use Social Media to Get Clients

Social media has incredible benefits for all types of freelancers or businesses that use graphics to earn their revenue. Since all types of multimedia are used to attract new followers on these sites, web designers are able to take advantage of it to find more clients and become successful. If you are a web designer and are just now starting to get into social media, you should be aware of as many tips as you possibly can. So, let’s review 5 excellent tips to assist you.

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Top Holiday Campaigns from Christmas Past

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re involved in marketing. During the holiday season, people have parties to go to, treats and goodies to bake, and presents to buy, all of which create a marketer’s dream.

With stores opening earlier than ever this year for black Friday shopping, the competition is stiff. However, with a little creativity, some clever advertising and inspiration from the campaigns listed below, you can be successful and come away from the holiday season as jolly as good old St. Nick himself. Here are some ideas to get started.

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How to Increase Your Pinterest Following

Gaining a significant following on Pinterest requires a different strategy from that used on Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest’s unique photo-sharing format is the primary difference between Pinterest and other content-sharing social media. Pinterest success is more contingent on content and catering to a relevant niche. Increasing your Pinterest following requires several strategies. Read on for ideas…

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Is Your Business Website Pulling Its Own Weight?

An effective website design can eliminate various responsibilities which are usually handled by employees. In other words, when a business site is used properly it can automate tasks and provide several valuable benefits. That’s all fine and dandy, but how do you know if your website is up to par? What kind of benefits does a successful website offer? Read on for more insights…

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A Tale of Two Ad Forms: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

If you’re in marketing, then you, like many people, may be caught up in an advertising dilemma, asking: Would I be better off using Facebook Ads, or should I be using Google AdWords?

Both forms of advertising can each be effective in their own right, but which you choose should depend on your advertising goals. Read on for a more in-depth look at Facebook Ads and Google AdWords and the factors to consider with each so you can choose the form of advertising that’s right for you.

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5 Lessons from the Worst Marketing Blunders!

Marketing isn’t rocket science. All it takes is some basic common sense, a little current background on trends and a keen sense of the values and mindset of your audience.

Unfortunately, many marketing gurus often encounter pitfalls when it comes to spreading the word about their product or service. These traps can seem obvious and easy to avoid in retrospect, but that hasn’t stopped some big name enterprises from falling headfirst into them. Here are five of the worst marketing blunders you can make and what to do instead!

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Marketing Yourself as a Thought Leader

Whether you’re a professional, consultant or a small business, you all want to attract top-notch clients on a routine and consistent basis. But, just how do you do this? By switching up your game plan. Instead of having to repeatedly “tell and sell” to earn clients, you should aim to become sought after by clients by becoming an authority in your field. Showcasing your expertise is a critical part of attracting new clients, and there are many different ways you can do this.

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How to Write a Great Call-to-Action

You write blogs, post updates and present new content ideas, but no one’s responding. You get visitors, but no one clicks the links or shares your posts. What can you do to increase conversion rates and build a following? A great call to action is the key to higher conversions. Keep reading to learn more.

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10 Tips for Email Marketing

Social marketing and purchased ads, while broader in reach, don’t seek to address an audience nearly as directly as an email message. Of course, to do it effectively is easier said than done. It can seem a lot like the virtual version of cold calling. So, here are our top 10 tips for marketing via email like a pro (in no particular order, of course.)

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