Four Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Readable

Readability is one of the most important elements of a good website design. You can have as many images, infographics and other eye-catching content as you want. Yet, if your content is difficult to read, you won’t be able to keep visitors.

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time thinking of ways to draw traffic to your website, but how much good does that do if they leave immediately? In order to have a successful website, it’s important to not only have solid body copy, but also a design that makes it easy to digest. Here are some of the best ways to make your website more readable.

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How to Make Your Own Explainer Video on a Budget

Making videos, on the other hand, is not quite as popular. Maybe you don’t have the right equipment, or you think it’ll cost you a ton of money, or you just don’t know where to begin. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to put video at the bottom of your content to-do list, when the reality is you could be missing out on a significant number of conversions by ignoring video.


No more excuses. Digital Third Coast has written an e-book to show you that you have everything you need to create your own explainer video for your company’s product or service. 

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Report Lessons

For the past 13 years, Mary Meeker has produced annual reports that share important information relating to the state of the Internet, social trends and mobile movements. Because of a rich history of accuracy, the trends and statistics found in the report should be taken seriously. Just recently, 2014’s report was released.

As a marketer, how does the 2014 Internet Trends report authored by Mary Meeker and released by KPMG pertain to you? What lessons should you take away from it? Check out some of the most important factors below.

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Unique Marketing Techniques to Help Build Engagement with Customers

There are so many internet marketing companies out there; the market is undoubtedly saturated. In addition, marketing advice is not difficult to find. Blogs or online publications are always discussing the most common marketing techniques like using social media, beefing up content and more. The problem is you can only follow the same advice so many times before the well has dried up and you’re back – looking for more unique ways to improve your marketing game.

To help out, we’re going to discuss some alternative strategies and methods which should help improve your online presence, conversion rating and overall authority.

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Should You Try Influencer Marketing?

There are numerous types of marketing techniques available to businesses of all sizes, including the ever-popular influencer marketing. Not only has it been used by companies for centuries, but it has been proven to boost sales. However, not every product or service is conducive to influencer marketing, nor is every organization set up to really make a splash in this arena.

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Four Warning Signs of a Weak Social Media Strategy, and What to Do About Them

No matter what kind of business you have, at least one person has probably told you how important it is to have a social media strategy. The world of social media is vast, and without a plan to conquer it, you’re likely to get lost in the shuffle. However, it’s not enough to just have a strategy in place. Your game plan must be strong, and relevant to the expectations of your target audience.

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Why You Should Be Proud of Your Great Content, No Matter the Form

There’s a misconception among some marketers that content marketing is some sort of virtuous, selfless act that is done solely to help consumers. It’s not. It’s nice, of course, to provide great content for your audience and to assist them in meeting whatever goals they’ve set, but ultimately marketing is marketing. You are working to build your brand, and you need to take credit for everything you have done to achieve that goal. Here’s the argument for attaching your brand name proudly to your content marketing efforts. You’ll be surprised how well customers will respond.

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Spring Cleaning Your Website

You may participate in spring cleaning your home as the weather gets warmer, and it’s a good idea to think about doing the same thing for your website. A website that has been recently updated and reflects current search engine optimization practices will be more likely to maintain consistent readership and traffic levels. Keep reading to get some tips on how to make sure your website is in good shape for the season to come.

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Content Marketing: Plan, strategize, repurpose, and repeat

At the heart of every digital marketing strategy lies the gem to increase ROI and online sales – content. However, time and time again companies fail to properly execute a holistic content strategy. They produce content to simply produce content. They publish nothing more than words that take up your computer screen, and when that happens, we all do the same – exit out and move onto another site, or from a business standpoint, a competitor. Therefore, this begs the question: how can companies properly produce a winning plan?

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Five Ways to Build Valuable Leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most ideal social network for making career connections, especially with built-in features like recommendations, endorsements and job searches. It’s not difficult to connect with other users on LinkedIn, but that accessibility can impact quality control. Making valuable connections on LinkedIn that can potentially serve as leads requires a strategy based on the five elements below.

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