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How to Increase Your Pinterest Following

This is another guest post by Savannah Marie, a writer and online marketing enthusiast. She is the editor of her blog, Mixios, which focuses on online marketing, social media, and business. 

Gaining a significant following on Pinterest requires a different strategy from that used on Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest’s unique photo-sharing format is the primary difference between Pinterest and other content-sharing social media. Acquiring a substantive following on Pinterest cannot be accomplished by adding random accounts and hoping for the same courtesy in return, as is the case on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest success is more contingent on content and catering to a relevant niche. Increasing your Pinterest following requires several strategies, which include:

Make Pinning Your Shareable Images Easy for Visitors

If you’re looking to have a successful Pinterest career, chances are you already run a blog or web site devoted to a particular niche. It’s fairly easy to make all the images on your web site “pinnable” on Pinterest, especially if you run a WordPress blog. If that’s the case, simply install the Pinterest “Pin It” plugin. Once installed, a “Pin It” button will appear whenever an image is hovered over. You can also place a “Pin It” button under the image and choose from 30 custom button designs in addition to uploading your own.

If you don’t have WordPress, Pinterest provides a code for webmasters to place anywhere on their web site. Since Pinterest has over 70 million users, this is a great way to promote both your Pinterest account and web site, especially as the “Pin It” button becomes more widely recognizable across the web.

Engage in Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are an attractive method to increase your Pinterest following, especially because they aid in forming genuine relationships with other Pinterest users. Whereas regular Pinterest boards are controlled by one user, group boards are a collaborative place where multiple users can add pins.

To find relevant group boards, use Board Deck, a free directory for Pinterest group boards. Once you find a group board in a niche relevant to your own, contribute and engage with collaborators. Joining a group board may require contacting its administrator, but showing genuine interest in the topic is usually all you’ll need to join. Once on the group boards, pin active and engaging content so other users become gradually aware of your personal Pinterest board as well.

Link Pinterest With Other Social Media Accounts

It’s important for any business and/or web site to be active on a variety of social networks. So even when you’re very successful on Pinterest, it pays off to strive for success on Facebook and Google+ as well. Fortunately, these social media giants allow you to link your Pinterest account with them, providing even more recognition for your Pinterest board. To link a Pinterest account to your Google Plus business page, go to the “About” section and then to the “Links” section. Here, you can link to your Pinterest board. On Facebook, installing the Pinterest app publicizes your Pinterest activity to your Facebook friends.

Communicate, Compliment and Link to Other Pinterest Users

When it comes to generating recognition for your Pinterest account, activity and communication with others is very important. It’s vital to pay attention to other Pinterest boards apart from your own. Even if you feel like your businesses niche is too specific, say you are a mustang parts provider, you are guaranteed to find other boards in your industry. Now, time to make friends. Comment on and share them; other Pinterest users will see you’re doing this and may feel obliged to check out your Pinterest board. They may even share something memorable from your pins with their large following. Forming relationships with other Pinterest users is easy. Just find a board you’re genuinely interested in and complement that user or share some of their material while linking back to their board.

In addition to establishing relationships with other Pinterest users, one can gain a following rapidly on Pinterest by making their images easily shareable, engaging in Pinterest group boards and linking Pinterest with their other social media accounts. Pinterest is a very unique form of social media, but by using the strategies above one can maintain a very fruitful presence on the rapidly growing photo-sharing site.