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How to Grab People’s Attention with Video

This article, the third in a series on content marketing, is a guest post by blogger Alicia Lawrence at MarComLand. Enjoy the read!

It’s no secret that as a whole, people under the age of 30 have a very limited attention span. For those in their 20s, this is the result of the Internet being around for most of their lives. And for those still in their teens or even younger, they’ve not only had the Internet, but also cellphones and tablets, reinforcing the cycle of instant gratification.

Because this large demographic is so used to visual stimulation, they’re not going to stick around a website that’s not as interesting as another destination that they know is just a click away. Fortunately, there are proven tactics for grabbing and holding even the shortest attention spans. Even if your target demographic is a little older because you sell something like Cleveland Brothers equipment, you’ll still find that the following tips can help increase engagement:

See What Your Data Says

Marketing online definitely comes with some significant challenges. But the good news is those challenges aren’t without a silver lining. While there are ways to get feedback about any offline marketing efforts you employ, what you learn won’t be as concrete or reliable as the data you can get about online marketing.

Because even the simplest analytics program can show you how long people are spending on the different pages of your site, you can use this data to figure out what’s working. Once you identify your most effective pages, you can take their key elements and apply them to other areas of your site. One specific element we have found that works is video content.

Power of Video

There’s a reason that Google paid big bucks for YouTube and continues to cover its steep hosting costs. Even though running that type of site isn’t cheap, it keeps people around for very long periods of time. What’s great is you don’t need to pay hefty amounts to reap the engagement benefits video provides. Instead, you simply need to find or create interesting videos and then embed them on your site.

There are typically three forms of video: entertainment, informational and conversion. If used correctly and put on the proper channels, each has the power to make a significant different to your bottom line. If you want traffic, go with entertainment style videos and spread on YouTube, Vimeo and your social media sites. If you want the user to convert, go with a conversion style video that talks about the benefits of the product and service. To build loyalty, use an informational video that tugs at the heart strings. 

Video’s Various Forms

While YouTube may be the star of the show there are a lot of different video platforms that are growing in popularity.

  •  Vine: This 6-second video app by Twitter is starting to catch fire in the marketing world. Vine videos are similar to longer GIFs. The capture a funny and pithy moment that people would want to share.
  •  Native Advertising: Also called product placement 2.0, these videos aren’t commercials but normal videos made by high profile sites like Men’s Journal that include a product in the storyline. It gets your product in front of the viewer without them even realizing it.
  •  Live Streaming: If your brand is really active, consider live streaming the event online and then taking the best clips throughout and turning that into an overall video to spread through your socials. Live streaming and webinars is also a great way to build B2B loyalty. White Board Friday has become a popular term for educating your followers on what you do through a video.
  •  Animation: A little camera shy? No worries. Animation is a popular form of video today. You can even go through a Power Point or Prezi while you explain a process. 

Video Tools

The thought of creating a video might scare you but with the right tools it can become a simple process. A DSLR is great for capturing good quality video but if you don’t have one a simple smart phone will do. Honestly, a smart phone is really all you need to make a video. Consider downloading a video editing app like Magisto or Viddy

Next level up would be to use online editing services like Avidemux or just your computer’s iMovie software. Or if you really want to run with the big dogs, check out Final Cut Pro. It costs a pretty penny but if you plan on doing a lot of videos it is worth the investment.