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How to Get a Boatload of People to Pin Your Products to Pinterest


Pinterest is now the third most-popular social network in the U.S., and the best part about Pinterest is that it is an image driven site, and people love browsing image after image. And if your business is a product based one, you’re a great fit for Pinterest.

If you have a service business, you can still leverage Pinterest, but it will probably be through other means such as producing viral image rich content. If you can get other people to share and repin your images, then you’ll create a boom in traffic to your site.

Here are 9 tips on how to help you do just that:

Tactic #1: Craft a message on your images

As a blogger you will put a lot of emphasis on writing great content and optimizing it for the search engines, but not so much on the optimization of the images you include.

However, if you use the right image, you’ll get your post pinned.

In fact, the image may be the difference between drawing in more traffic and not seeing any traffic. And if you want to increase the power of that image put a clear message on it.

Here’s a message on the blog post title from Complex Style that will drive click throughs:

complex pin

G Adventures, which is a travel tour company uses this strategy well, too. For example, promoting their Europe trips they show you that it’s not just about touring cathedrals:

europe pin

The secret is to use bold, simple text. Here are some image editors you can use to add text to any image (and they’re free!):

  • Pixlr – You can create new images from scratch or edit one from the web or from your computer.
  • FotoFlexer – Lots of visual effects with this free image editor, but the advanced features are harder to use.
  • Gimp 2.6 – A really powerful image editor, but very complex.

Tactic #2: Create a daily theme board

An organization that has taken the text-based image into over drive is Sevenly.

Sevenly raises money and awareness for charities around the world and one of the boards they’ve created is the Daily Inspirational board. The description tells you the purpose of this board:

quote pin

To date there are over 79 pins with inspirational text-based images like this one:

sevenly pin

Notice three things about this image:

  1. Sevenly branded it with their URL so that even if someone doesn’t link back to them people still know the original source for the image.
  2. The text on the image doesn’t have to be long. If you can blend the right image with the right words, the picture will literally speak for itself!
  3. And then in the description they’ve encouraged you to repin it. That’s a great call to action!

Keep in mind that since this is a board that people know will be updated daily, they’ll keep coming back to check up on it.

Tactic #3: Format your photos right

Any time someone visits your site they should be able to pin them to Pinterest, which means your images need to be optimized for Pinterest.

A simple way to test to see if your site is optimized for Pinterest is to go to this page and replace your URL with “”

This is how QuickSprout looks.

quicksprout pin

Or you could install the “Pin It” button to your browser, visit one of the pages on your site and pin it. This will show you how your image looks.

The more images you have on your page…the more pins you will get…as long as your images work on Pinterest.

Here are some great tips on optimizing images for Pinterest:

mashable pin

Tactic #4: Run contests and giveaways

An increase in traffic to your site can lead to more pins for images…and what better way to increase traffic but to throw a contest?

Contests are very popular on Pinterest. Just do a search for “giveaway” and you’ll get a ton of options:

contest pin

As you can see that many people put the word “giveaway” in the description. You can up your chances by putting other keywords in the description like “contest” or “enter to win.”

In addition to that, include keywords related to your industry. For example, if you sell body lotion add “body lotion giveaway” in the description. If you sell karate lessons, add “enter to win karate lessons.”

This Etsy giveaway does a good job of including excellent text in the image:

etsy pin

Whenever you use a bold image for your giveaway you’ll surely generate more pins.

Tactic #5: Create a board around broad interests

Let’s say you sell custom-made iPhone cases. Instead of creating a board called “Cool iPhone Cases,” you can create one called “Cool Illustrations.”

This will open up your category so that you can share a lot more awesome images on it…including your iPhone illustrations.

Or if you make hand-made objects like Umbelas then you can create a board for iPhone cases:

iphone pin

If your product changes with the seasons, you can create boards for those…or if you sell sports gear, you can have boards for different sports.

Images rule on Pinterest and if you can share some pretty awesome stuff then people will repin it.

Tactic #6: Show people and animals

Some people will tell you that Pinterest isn’t for every brand…I’m not sure I would agree with that.

Look at a company like GE who sells light bulbs…they’ve got a super cool Pinterest account that helps consumers understand that they do a whole lot more than build light bulbs.

There badass machines board shows that they build trains, airplanes and huge turbines:

ge pin

And the U.S. Central Command has really humanized their organization with boards like Interesting:

interesting pin

Or their military dogs board:

dog pin

You have to remember that Pinterest is a social platform like Google+ or Facebook…and that means you have to be very human on it.

This means you have to leave comments but also that you post photos of people and animals in your pins.

Tactic #7: Follow the golden rule

Speaking of being social, make sure you take the time to repin other people’s stuff. If you are constantly pinning your own stuff, the less likely you are to get followers or get your own stuff pinned.

If you want to be repined…then you must repin.

And think outside of the box by creating boards that are dedicated to things not necessarily tied to your business.

For instance, even though I’m a marketing consultant and co-founder of two web analytics companies, I have boards on my Pinterest account dedicated to other stuff I like:

neil pin

And just like on your blog or website, the more images you pin, the more chances you’ll get content shared.

Tactic #8: Use the Pin It button

If you want to encourage the sharing of images on your site then step one for you is to put the Pin It button on your site.

blog pin

If you have products, then put the Pin It button beside them, too.

And do the same for your blog. (You can get the buttons here.)

Let people post your blogs to Pinterest. In addition, encourage people to follow you with the “Follow me on Pinterest” button.

And like I said above, if you use a clever message in your image, then you will have a higher chance of getting that image shared. And the more images on your site, the more pins you’ll get.

Tactic #9: Track what is being pinned from your site

No, you don’t need Google Analytics for this trick. All you need to do is put your web address in this link where it says “”:

If I look at the source for all my pins, then I see this:

source pin

I like to go through there on occasions and thank the people for sharing my pins. And then I can decide if I want to connect. Usually I’ll pick up a few followers, too.

This is a great strategy for keeping the conversation going on Pinterest and driving even more traffic to your site.


If you can invest the time, and your target demographic is female or you care about referrals, then Pinterest is a great inbound marketing lead generation tool.

Plus, when you can share beautiful images with compelling messages and you make it easy for others to share these images, then you’ll generate a lot of traffic from the boatload of pins and repins you’ll be getting!

What other tips are there for helping people generate more pins?