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EdgeRank Checker : Completely Revamped: See what’s new!

We’ve made many adjustments to EdgeRank Checker Pro since our official launch eight months ago, and we’ve recently wrapped up our biggest changes yet! We want to take this opportunity to share what we’ve been up to, and explain how to better use the tool to maximize your Facebook exposure.

Summary of the New Features:
  • EdgeRank Scores Over Time For Free Users
  • Agency Dashboard
  • Alerts
  • Page Overview Redesign
  • Recommendations Revamp
  • Custom Tagging
  • Post Visualizer
  • Industry Report
  • PDF Reports
EdgeRank Scores Over Time For Free Users
We want to help as many people as possible understand how EdgeRank impacts their content. To do this, we decided to unlock EdgeRank Score Over Time (an important Pro feature) for Free users as well! Simply login to your Page Overview to see how the average effect of EdgeRank is changing day to day for your brand.
Important! If you haven’t logged in awhile, or your score reads zero, please “Manually refresh” your data with the link at the bottom of your Page Overview. 

Agency Dashboard
We completely revamped how users look at, and select, their pages in the Dashboard. Perfect for Agencies, this provides a macro view of how all of your Pages are performing. A few quick hit metrics are provided here: Engagement Ratio, Reach, Virality, and Post Lifetime. All of the Pages you admin are sortable by each metric, allowing for quick analysis. 

There’s a lot of a data being analyzed throughout EdgeRank Checker Pro, so we needed a way to help users understand what’s happening with their pages in real time. We now provide Alerts when your Posts die (meaning it’s now safe to post again) and when your Posts have been graded. We’ll be expanding Alerts to include even more metrics in the near future! 

Page Overview Redesign
The new Page Overview allows you to quickly understand everything we’re analyzing for your page. We provide as much data as possible in an easy to consume presentation. With the updated Page Overview you can quickly identify Recommendations (with access to the full Recommendation engine), Industry trends (with access to the full Industry Report), Best/Worst Metrics, Key Metrics, and Post Grades. 

Recommendations Revamp
It’s important to understand your metrics and how they’ve changed over time. However, it’s even more important to understand how to improve these metrics in the future. The revamped Recommendation engine aims to help users understand what direction to take going forward, essentially taking the guesswork out of when and what to post.We still present easy to understand recommendations, along with detailed graphs to help you understand where the data came from.

Custom Tagging
Custom tagging now provides a unique opportunity to create custom Recommendations based on certain post types. How does your audience consume questions, direct marketing, or trivia? Simply tag your posts and look at those specific results inside of Recommendations for a level of analysis you won’t find anywhere else!To tag a post, go to the list of posts found at the bottom of the Page Overview, hover over a post, and click + Add Recommendation Tags.

Post Visualizer
Now there’s a new way to view post timing within the Recommendation engine: visually interpret how your successful posts are spread throughout the day. This unique tool provides a visual analysis for opportunities to succeed in increasing engagement. 

Industry Reports
With Industry Report, we’ve anonymized and aggregated each industry type to help provide further insight into what is working across the board. This will enable users to examine optimal post frequency, best content type, optimal times of day, and much more within their shared industry. Your Page is stacked up against your industry and measured against industry benchmarks.

Simply click the “Industry Report” section on your selected Page’s Overview (or from the new Agency Dashboard!) to see the entire report. 

PDF Reports
Export your Page’s most important data points over your selected time frame. We went through the most valuable metrics that we provide and organized them into an easy to digest format in a printable PDF Report. 

What’s Next?
We ultimately strive to help you easily understand, and enhance, your brands’ presence on Facebook. There are many more ideas we will continue to bring to EdgeRank Checker in the coming year. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with what we’re working on next!