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Color Me a Conversion: Why the Colors on Your Website Matter

This is a guest post courtesy of Alicia Lawrence. She is a content coordinator for WebpageFX and enjoys helping clients like Havahart with online PR. Her work has been published by the Association for Business Communication, Yahoo! Small Business, and Inspiration Feed. 

Why the Colors on Your Website Matter

The power of color in marketing is much greater than simple aesthetics, as it can draw people toward a particular product, a certain portion of a webpage or even toward making a purchase. Colors are able to bring out emotions in people and, therefore, can create certain feelings about your website, which then become part of your brand. If you do not use the appropriate colors on your site, you run the risk of creating the wrong impression and scaring potential customers away, regardless of what you are selling.

The Role of Primary Colors in Marketing

The color red can stimulate appetite, create urgency and bring about strong emotions in those who view it. As a result, many companies that sell food or other impulse-buy items use red in their marketing campaigns. Taking a drive around your city, you will see the use of red by companies like McDonald’s, Target, Coca-Cola and Texaco. Red is a great color to use when having a sale, since it creates such an emotional response.

Using yellow on your website can grab the attention of shoppers because it stimulates the brain. It also represents feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and youth. Use yellow on your website when you want to encourage communication and clarity. This is why companies like Hertz, DHL and Sprint make use of yellow, as they wish to make customers believe that they provide no-hassle services.

 The color blue is an interesting one because it is associated with both peace and water. It also represents calmness because it is non-invasive due to the color’s persistence in human life. We see the sky and water daily, so the color blue is always there. Businesses that use blue want to build brand loyalty through trust and security.

 The Envisupply website exemplifies this through the use of the color blue. When visiting this website, you will see that the company sells equipment in the environmental, commercial and construction sectors. Since customers will be spending a great deal on these products and will not be making impulsive decisions, the color blue is a great choice for this website’s background.

Designing a Logo

 When designing your company’s logo, it is important to take your products and goals into consideration. If your company offers great deals that attract impulsive buyers, you might want to use red on your logo. Likewise, if you want to brand your company in a warm and cheerful manner, using yellow is your best bet. Your logo should also contrast with the rest of the page, since you want it to stand out and become recognizable on its own. 

Converting Sales

 Once visitors have looked around your website, you will want to give them the option to make a purchase. You will do this by creating a call to action, which encourages the reader to take this final step. This call to action can include a link to your sales page, where the customer can finally make a purchase.

 Orange is a good choice for this part of the website because it represents warmth, enthusiasm and a confident brand. As long as the orange contrasts with the rest of the page, the reader will be drawn to it, making a click-through more likely.