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5 Tips on How Web Designers Use Social Media to Get Clients

This is a guest post coutesy of Ness Garcia, of Enjoy the read.

Social media has incredible benefits for all types of freelancers or businesses that use graphics to earn their revenue. Since all types of multimedia are used to attract new followers on these sites, web designers are able to take advantage of it to find more clients and become successful. If you are a web designer and are just now starting to get into social media, you should be aware of as many tips as you possibly can. So, let’s review 5 excellent tips to assist you.

Regularly Post Work For Everyone to See

One thing every web designer needs to do to attract new clients is to show off their previous work to get them interested. If you never show people what kind of skills you have, how do you expect them to hire you? So, using social media to post your previous work will allow more and more people to be exposed, which increases your chances at finding some work. Another great thing about this is that social media allows their users to share content with their friends and family, so if you make a good impression, people will have no problem sharing your work.

Interact with Niche Communities

You have the opportunity to get involved with other web designer communities, increasing your overall exposure and increasing your authority. The more you interact with other designers, the better known you will be throughout the design community. There are plenty of benefits that come along with being well known, an example would be other designers forwarding clients to you if they are unable to assist them or help you learn new design techniques.

Gather a Large Following

After you spend a good amount of time being a part of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you will start to gather a great amount of followers. The more followers you have the better chance you will find new clients or be referred to by someone, not to mention having a lot of people also helps increase your brand and overall exposure.

Link to Personal Site

Since you are a web designer, it is only natural that you have your own website as well so you can have people come and check you out. You can easily use social media to have a direct link to your site, so when someone is interested in your social media profile, they have easy access to your actual site as well. You site should be a place where potential clients can go to get anything they need. They should be able to submit a project to you, have any of their questions answered, be easily able to contact you, and plenty more.

It is very important you spend a good amount of time to ensure that your site leaves a great impression. Depending on what kind of style you like to use will determine how you want to design your website. If your main client target is going to be professional businesses, then you will need to make a website that appeals directly to them. There are all types of different web designers, so just pick a target audience and make something that would be impressive.

Promote Personal Brand

Everything you do on social media helps build your personal brand. Your brand can be the reason you become successful or end up failing. Most people don’t realize how important it is, but if your brand is all about how you are unreliable and ineffective, then you can expect that people would rather do business with someone else that has a better reputation. The more you decide to improve your brand, the better chance people will trust you to finish their projects. With social media, whenever you post something, communicate with people, and anything else, people will reflect those directly with you and your work.

There are plenty of other social media aspects that allow web designers to find more clients and improve their chances at success, but these 5 tips will give you a good idea of what to start doing. Just don’t forget to be patient because social media takes time before it becomes rewarding, so don’t expect an overnight miracle.